The Miners
It took a special breed of men to develop the Minnesota Iron Ranges, here are some of those intrepid individuals who produced the iron ore that fed the blast furnaces to produce steel for our nation.
Underground - Fayal Mine - Eveleth
Underground - Fayal Mine - Eveleth
Iron Range Miner Circa 1935
Iron Miners  - Mesabi Range Circa 1900
Miners at the Spruce Mine - Eveleth
Iron Range miners at Chisholm Circa 1912
Iron Range miners waiting to go underground - 1936
Troy Mine - Eveleth
Underground Miners - 1915 - Notice the early steel Baldwin Lamp on front right.
Tower-Soudan Mine - 1890
Miners Underground, Hibbing 1895
Boeing Mine, Hibbing 1898
Underground Miner
Mine Rescue Team, Monroe Mine, Chisholm 1943
Whiteside Mine, Kinney 1912