Maple City 3-Compartment Flask w/Built-in Oilwick Lamp
Justrite Jiffy 3-Base Belt Attachment Holder
Grier Bros. 3-Base Belt Attachment Holder
Unmarked 3-Compartment Flask
Grier Bros. Water & 3-Base    Belt Attachment Holder
        John D. Gills Sons 
3-Compartment Pocket Flask
Hardsocg 3-Compartment Flask.
Flip Top Justrite Flask
     Toplis Flask w/Measuring Device
Unmarked Pocket Flask
Trethaway Bros. Pocket Flask
Grier Bros. Pocket Flask
  Unmarked Flip Top Pocket Flask.
Beall Bros Pocket Flask
Pennant Pocket Flask.
Hardsocg Mfg. Co. Flask
Carbide flasks were made to carry extra carbide to recharge lamps during a shift underground and were either carried in a pocket or hung on a belt. Some also had compartments for water and matches, the rare Maple City flask even had a small built-in oil lamp to provide light while the carbide lamp was being recharged.
As many of these containers were made of tinned steel they have not fared well over time, most are found rusted, dented, or both. Nice ones are hard to come by.
Hazletin Pocket Flask
Leader Pocket Flask
Justrite No.85 Pocket Flask
Justrite No.77 Pocket Flask.
Justrite No. 76 Pocket Flask
Grier Bros. 3-compartment Belt Flask
Made by Trethaway Bros.
Made by Trethaway Bros..
Hansen Carbide Bottle
Stamping on Hansen Lid