Igniter .
Unmarked Brass Canister Lamp
Brass Cast Lamp        France.
Fancy Hook Shaft
Fancy Hook
Allen Liversidge Lamp - England
Wolf Lamp.
Justrite Little Giant Lamp

Wolf Lamp
Justrite Jumbo Lamp
Arras Lamp - France
Friemann& Wolf      Germany.
.Friemann & Wolf         Germany
Flemings Special Lamp - Canada
Early Baldwin.Lamp
Baldwin No. 36 Lamp.
Baldwin No.36 Superintendent's Lamp
Premier Lamp - England
Wolf Lamp - Katowice
Justrite Uncle Sam No.306
Carbide Hand lamps were carried to the mine worksite and hung to provide light while cap lamps were attached to the miners' helmet or cap while they worked. Being larger, the hand lamps provided more overall light at the work site while the cap lamp provided more intense directional light for the miners.
Guy's Dropper
Big Boy
Big Boy
Big Boy
Premier - Cleveland, UK
Pinnacle Model 5 - Australia
ITP Lamp - Dewar Mfg. Co.
Stamped With Chinese Characters
Simpson & Son Cast Brass Lamp - Adelaide, Australia
Unmarked Lamp - Germany
Unmarked Lamp - Australia
Early Baldwin Lamp
ITP Lamp - Dewar Mfg. Co.
Wolf Safety Lamp Co. of America
Premier - England
   Wolf Carbide Lamp made for
Christian Michel & Son - Mexico
Thorn & Hoddle - Cast Aluminum                   England.
Unmarked - Germany
Unmarked - Cast Aluminum 
Octagonal Base Arras - France
Unmarked - Germany
Grangesbergslampen - Germany
Kiva - Paris, France
FL - Germany
Unmarked - Switzerland
        A.E. Appleton & Sons
Sherwood, Queensland Australia 
Brass Tag from Wolf Lamp on right
Tag on lamp on left 
 Wolf Carbide Lamp made for Peacock Bros Ltd. - Montreal
ITP Dewar No.210 - Dewar Mfg. Co.
Guy's Dropper - Shanklin Mfg. Co.
Guy's Dropper - Shanklin Mfg. Co.
Justrite Mfg. Co.
Justrite Mfg. Co.
John Simmons Co.
John Simmons Co.
John Simmons Co.
Albert Butin Co. - Paris, France
Banner - Peru.
Premier Lamp & Engineering Co.