Crouse-Hinds Mine Locomotive Lamp
Concordia Electric Co. Mine Car Signal Lamp
Compressed Air Powered Lamp
     Northumbrian Electric Safety Lamp
Ceag Co. Ltd. Type B.E.3
Draeger - U.S. 1910
Lemaire - Belgium
Edison 2nd Model
Oldham & Son Type ELE
Oldham Type SLEM
CEAG Inspector Lamp.
Pioneer Electric  Mine Lamp Co.
Pioneer Electric  Mine Lamp Co.
1st Model Edison Electric Cap    Lamp Head-piece pre-1928
  Pat. Pend. 1st Model Cap Lamp
Joel-Fors Patent Lamp     John Mills & Sons
The first electric mine hand lamp was patented in the U.S. on Oct. 29, 1889, five years after the same lamp was patented in England. The Philadelphia & Reading Coal Co., Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co., Lehigh Valley Coal Co. and Colorado Fuel & Iron Co. experimented with electric handlamps as early as 1902. Thomas Edison experimented with a rechargeable storage battery cap lamp in 1912 that was submitted for patent in 1923 and patent issued in 1928.
MSA Mine Car   Signal Lamp.
S.A.F.T. - France
Wolf - Sheffield, England
CEAG - England
Early Edison Handlamp
Oldham & Son Emergency Lamp          Manchester, England
Unmarked - Germany
Oldham & Son "Toucan Patent"
        Manchester, England
M.O.F.P.Safety Lamp
Alkaline Batteries, Ltd.
   Redditch, England
Edison Model P  with Detonator
Exide Triclad Type F2
J. Youle & Co., Ltd.
Rotherham, England
Unmarked -   England
Unmarked - England
     J. H. Rothwell
Swinton, Lancashire