Split Hook Stick
Brass and Steel Stick with Fancy Castellated Thimble
Thimble Stamping
Husson Stick with Removable Thimble.made by Knippenberg Mfg. Co.
Filed Stick
Stick with Tall Thimble and Fancy Thumb Lever
Gang Stamp on Two Sides of Spike
Stick Gang Stamped E.A. Sherwood
Dated and Initialed Stick
Thimble Detail
Unusual Holed Handle and Thimble Stick
Engraving Detail on Handle
Engraving Detail on Thimble and Thumb Lever
Stick with Fancy Engraving
Filing Detail
Filing Detail
Large Fancy Filed Stick
Thumb Lever and Filing Detail
Fancy Filed Stick with Holed Oval Thumb.Lever
Thumb Lever and Filing Detail
Decorative Detail
Large Fancy Stick with Pick Thumb Lever and Heart in Handle Neck
Semi-Fancy Initialed Stick
Miners' Candleholders were used predominantly in western hardrock mines and in the copper and iron mines of the Lake Superior Region. The western candleholders differed from the Lake Superior variety in the type of hook they had, the Lake Superior type were made to be worn on the miner's cap with a tighter radius hook, while the western type was not and had a wider radius hook.They were used from the 1860s into the early 20th Century.
Cut-out Thimble and Thumb Lever
Sunset Stick
Ramstead & Johnson Patented Folding Stick
Stamping on Ramstead & Johnson Stick
Ramstead & Johnson Stick Folded
Back View of Ramstead & Johnson Stick
Blacksmith Stick with Filed Spike
Blacksmith Stick w/ Tall Thimble, Wide Handle and Thumb Lever
High-Grader Stick w/Tall Hook and Thimble
Fielding & Peterson Patented Folding Stick
Fielding & Peterson Folded
Fielding & Peterson Stamping
Lindahl Patented Stick w/Match-Holder Handle
Lindahl Stamping
Sholder Stamping
Sholder Patent Stick with Castlelated Thimble 
Sholder Patent Stick w/Serrated Thimble
Fancy Filed Stick w/ Cutout Thimble
Fancy Half-size Miniature Stick
Size Comparison w/ Full-size Fancy Stick
   Copper Candlestick    Germany
Montana Hardware Co. Pistol-Grip Stick
Pistol-Grip Stick
Husson Stick - Knippenberg Mfg. Co.
Two-piece Claw Candlestick Assembled
Two-piece Claw Candlestick Dis-assembled
File Work on above stick
Heavily Filed Spike, Tall Thimble, Lake Superior Hook
Heart-shaped Thumb Lever & Holes in Thimble
Large Fancy Stick with unusual thumb lever
Detail of fancy filing and unusual thumb lever
Cut-out  thimble & thumb lever, brass inset, spike is round to octagon to square
Unusual round handle, spike is square pointed and transitions to an octagon.
Improved Ideal - Ludlow-Saylor Wire Co.
Filed Spike and Riveted Thimble
Holed & Filed Thumb Lever, Thimble & Handle
Fancy Hook Shaft
Fancy Lake Superior Hook Style 
Thimble Detail
Dated Semi-Fancy Stick
Stamping on spike shaft
Stamping on spike shaft - NECAXA (Mexico) 4/11/07
Fancy Filed Stick with Angled Thumb Lever
Highgrader Handle Stick
Fancy Thimble Stick dated 1889
Semi-fancy Stick
Tall Hook Stick
Fine Hook Stick
Large Thimble on Small Stick