Handlan-Buck    St. Louis
Presentation Baby Wolf
  ASL&MS Co. Deputy Marsaut
Everhart Davy.
Jas. Queen Davy
Aluminum Hughes Bros. Davy Lamp
Everhart Davy
Everhart Davy
Arras Carbide Safety Lamp
C. Koch Carbide Safety Lamp
Seippel Carbide Safety Lamp
Wolf Carbide Safety Lamp
Pieler Lamp
Jack-Davy Lamp
Patterson HCP
Patterson HCP9
  Red Glass Signal Lamp
Unmarked English
Hughes Bros.
J. Davis
Unmarked English
Shielded Davy
Laidler - Durham
Wolf Westphalian Davy
J.H. Naylor - Wigan
The danger of methane gas (firedamp) being ignited by an open flame in coal mines was much reduced by the development of the flame safety lamp stemming from the work of Dr. William Clanny, George Stephenson and Sir Humphrey Davy. It is Davy who is credited with the true invention of the flame safety lamp in 1816. His idea was to isolate the flame from the flammable gas by means of a wire gauze surrounding the flame. Davy demonstrated that burning gases, on passing through the wire mesh is broken up into tiny streamlets which are so cooled by contact with the metal of the mesh that the flame is extinguished. It was found that the greatest safety could be obtained by a standard mesh formed by 28 steel wires per inch making 784 openings per square inch.
Sheffield Baby Wolf 
Aluminum Baby Wolf
Vest Pocket       Davy
    Hughes Bros. Vest Pocket Davy
Baby E. Thomas & Williams
Laidler - Durham
Laidler Stamping
Premier Lamp Co.   Leeds England
Seippel - Germany

J.H. Naylor
    Henry Watson 
New Castle on Tyne
       John Cook 
Birmingham, England
Unmarked  England
Wolf Design - Japan
Arras Chesnau -        France
Hailwoods Patent Lamp
     Type A.D.C. No.3
 Hailwood & Akroyd Ltd.
John Davis & Son   Derby, England
Name Plaque on Lamp Above Left
F. Santini Carbide Safety Lamp - Italy
Laidler - Durham England
Sento - Japan
Stokes Patent Gas Testing Lamp
made by Davis of Derby - England 
Nameplate on Lamp at lower  center
 Hailwood & Akroyd
  W.B. Lamp No. 2
Morley Yorkshire UK
      E. Richardson & Co.
Ravensthorpe Dewsbury, UK
Ashworth-Hepplewhite-Grey Patent
J.M. Everhart - Scranton, PA
A. Ellis - Wakefield
John Davis & Son   Derby, England