Early MSA Self-Rescuer
German Self-Rescuer 
Hardsocg Mfg. Co. Ottumwa, IA
Hardy Patent Pick Co. Ltd. - Great Britain
Patent Pick with Replaceable Points
Lewis Patent Pick
Friemann & Wolf Bench Magnet for Opening Safety Lamp Locks
   1928 Ringrose Firedamp Detector     Great Britain
Hardsocg Mfg. Co. - Ottumwa, IA
Dago-style Hammer & set of 4 hand drill steels
Pigtails used to attached ore buckets to Hoisting Cable
     Draeger Oxygen Appartus Co. Model 1910/11 Mine Rescue Helmet
Drill Bit Carrier
Burrell Methane      Detector
Mine Hoist Signal Bell
Early MSA Self-Rescuer
Mine Car Wheel marked  TERRE HAUTE FDRY.
Henry Disston & Sons No. 4 Mine Saw
4 Piece Patented Pick Head
Removable Head Pick
Removable Head Pick
Chisel marked: GLEN ALDEN COAL CO.
Other end of Hardsocg Tamping Rod
 End of Hardsocg Tamping Rod
6' Hardsocg Tamping Rod w/ Brass and Copper Ends
6' Copper Blasting Needle
Screw & Swivel Mechanism on Hardsocg Post Drill                              Patented 1912
Eagen No. 101 Coal Drill
Screw & Swivel Mechanism of Eagen Coal Drill
Oliver Iron Mining Co. Wrench
Hardsocg Post Drill 
Hardsocg Coal Drill Bit and Threaded Shaft for Post Drill
Beall Bros. Coal Drill Bit for Post Drill
Beall Bros. Post Drill
Hardsocg Coal Post Drill
Hardsocg and Beall Bros Coal Post Drills
Presentation Mine Survey Compass - J. White - Glasgow, Scotland 1877
Engraving on Presentation Mine Survey Compass
M. Atwood;s Mining Clinometer - San Francisco, CA
T.B. Winter Mine Survey Compass - England
North Bitchburn Coal Co. Engraved Name on T.B. Winter Compass
T.B. Winter Survey Compass Face
Mine Surveying Spads
Late 18th Century English Mine Survey Compass By Unknown Manufacturer, Engraved Felling Colliery
Compass Face
Engraving on Compass
Miners' Clothes Hanger - Kentucky
Miners' Clothes Hanger -PA
Miners' Clothes Hanger - Pennsylvania
Miners' Clothes Hanger - PA
Miners' Clothes Hanger           Germany
Oil flask used in an Alabama iron mine
Pressure Gauge - The Patent Hydraulic Mining Cartidge Co.
                                 Bolton England
Removable Head Pick - American Mining Tool Co. Ottumwa, Iowa
Brass valve from the hoist at the Mass Mine - Mass, MI
H.B. Gimballed Mine Surveying Compass
Surveying Compass in Fitted Case
Vulcan Tool Co. 4 1/2 lb. Single-Jack Hammer
Coal Pick - The Leetonia Tool Co. Leetonia, OH
Coal Pick - Union Tool Co.
Coal Pick - What Cheer Tool Co, What Cheer, IA
Hard Rock Pick, Marked "Washoe"
Coal Pick - Martin Hardsocg, Pittsburgh, PA
Coal Pick - Iwan Bros., Streator, IL
Hard Rock Pick , M. Howard
Hard Rock Pick, Marked: "COMSTOCK"
Coal Pick - Beall Bros., Alton, IL
3 Styles of Unmarked Coal Picks
Coal Pick - Hand Forged
Coal Pick - Hand Forged
2 Styles of Coal Pick/Hammers
Coal Pick with Removable Head - Hardy Patent Pick Co., Sheffield England
Coal Pick - Hardy Patent Pick Co., Sheffield England
Coal Pick with Replaceable Tips
Coal Pick with Removable Head - Hardy Patent Pick Co., Sheffield England
Coal Pick - Bull Dog Hold Fast - Hardy Patent Pick Co. Sheffield England
Keuffel & Esser Plummet Lamp
Unmarked Plummet Lamp